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Version: v1.15.0


Dataflow operators process a sequence of input values to create an output sequence and appear as the components of a dataflow pipeline. In addition to the built-in operators listed below, Zed also allows for the creation of user-defined operators.

  • assert - evaluate an assertion
  • combine - combine parallel paths into a single output
  • cut - extract subsets of record fields into new records
  • drop - drop fields from record values
  • file - source data from a file
  • fork - copy values to parallel paths
  • from - source data from pools, files, or URIs
  • fuse - coerce all input values into a merged type
  • get - source data from a URI
  • head - copy leading values of input sequence
  • join - combine data from two inputs using a join predicate
  • load - add and commit data to a pool
  • merge - combine parallel paths into a single, ordered output
  • over - traverse nested values as a lateral query
  • pass - copy input values to output
  • put - add or modify fields of records
  • rename - change the name of record fields
  • sample - select one value of each shape
  • search - select values based on a search expression
  • sort - sort values
  • summarize - perform aggregations
  • switch - route values based on cases
  • tail - copy trailing values of input sequence
  • uniq - deduplicate adjacent values
  • where - select values based on a Boolean expression
  • yield - emit values from expressions