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Version: v1.6.0


Aggregate Function

map aggregate map values into a single map


map(|{any:any}|) -> |{any:any}|


The map aggregate function combines map inputs into a single map output. If map receives multiple values for the same key, the last value received is retained. If the input keys or values vary in type, the return type will be a map of union of those types.


Combine a sequence of records into a map:

echo '{stock:"APPL",price:145.03} {stock:"GOOG",price:87.07}' | zq -z 'map(|{stock:price}|)' -



Continuous collection over a simple sequence:

echo '|{"APPL":145.03}| |{"GOOG":87.07}| |{"APPL":150.13}|' | zq -z 'yield map(this)' -